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| About Purchasing Agent > Purchasing Agent FAQ > I want to purchase a large number of Chinese goods, but I am worried about the high cost. Can you give me a cheaper price?

With Greetbuy, you will get reasonable price, quality product and timely delivery time you deserve.


We have a professional team of local OEM procurement experts, whose function is to find high-quality product supply sources to meet customers' continuous procurement needs. This is critical to our success in finding new and innovative sources of product supply. 


This includes high quality, competitive prices, diversified product materials, innovative design and close cooperation in the supply chain.


With more than 10 years of experience in purchasing products, we have established partnerships with more than 800 factories in China to ensure that we can find the most suitable factory to supply your OEM product procurement needs.


We only conduct business with factories where we share the same values, that is, we always put customer needs first. We conduct extensive due diligence and visit every factory we cooperate with to ensure that the products we provide to you are of high quality and competitive price.


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