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1. Remittance through A Bank outside China



This remittance channel is applicable to your remittance bank outside China. Only bank to bank transfer is accepted. The supported currencies are USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, NZD, SGD, CHF, THB, and overseas RMB remittance is not accepted.


Remittance Charge

1) Remittance commission: The fee is determined by your remittance bank. Please consult your bank for the specific fee

2) Recipient bank charge:65 HK dollars or equivalent foreign currency per transaction, which will be charged by our receiving bank, HSBC. Please understand that this fee should be borne by you. We will convert the actual amount received into RMB and transfer the balance to Greetbuy for you.


For example, if you want to remit USD 100 to our bank account, fees will be charged as follows:

1. USD 100

2. Remittance charge (charged by your remittance bank), for example, USD 10

3. Recipient bank charge (charged by our recipient bank), for example, CNY 65(USD 9.3)

Then, you need to pay USD 119.3 in all. The amount received is USD 100.

Assuming the exchange rate published on Greetbuy website on that day is 6.6511 and the market exchange rate on that day is 6.9511, the amount received will be calculated as follows:

USD 100 * [6.9511 -(6.9511-6.6511)* 0.5] = CNY 680.11


Overseas transfers enjoy 50% discount on top-up exchange difference:

The final amount of RMB in Greetbuy account = the amount of your remittance * [market exchange rate - (market exchange rate - Greetbuy platform exchange rate) * 0.5]


Remittance Arrival Time

Generally, the bank settlement will arrive at the account within 2-3 working days after the remittance, subject to the actual arrival time.


Charges for refund

1)If our recipient bank fails to receive your remittance amount due to incomplete or incorrect remittance information that you have entered, you need to pay the following charge for refunding to your remittance bank:

Refund instructions for purchasing agent


2)If you wish to refund via remittance, you will be charged for the following charge:

0.1% of the remittance amount (the minimum amount is CNY100 or equivalent amount of another currency, and the maximum amount is CNY1,000 or equivalent amount of another currency for each transaction)



2. Remittance through A Bank in China



This mode applies to the remittance through a bank in China in CNY.


Remittance charge

For remittance via a bank in China, the remittance charge varies with remittance amount, bank, and device (including counter, ATM, e-bank, and mobile banking). Remittance via mobile banking incurs no remittance charge.


Refund charge

If you wish to refund via a bank in China, the following conditions must be met:

1)You have opened an account at a bank in China.

2)The amount to be refunded was remitted to us through off-line bank remittance.

The refund charge varies with your recipient bank.


Exchange rate

The remittance is made in CNY. No exchange is required.


Accounting date

The accounting date is set as you make the transfer. Generally, the transfer is received immediately.



Generally, the amount is refunded immediately. If the amount is large, the accounting date will be delayed for 1–2 days.