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In general, declared value of package is lower than the tariff threshold, the package normally will not be taxed (but fraud declaration is another matter). If your package is taxed, you need to pay taxes and help clear the customs, but the probability of this situation is very small, only 0.3% of the packages have been taxed so far.


States tariff threshold reference table:

Country Amount
The United States 800USD
Canada 20CAD
The United Kingdom No tax exemption threshold
Australia 1000AUD
Russia 10000RUB
Japan 10000JPY
Singapore 300USD
New Zealand 300USD
Swiss 100CHF
Korea 150USD



1.The customs tax threshold of Switzerland is 100 Swiss francs and the VAT threshold is 65 Swiss francs.

2.Canadian, European customs are strict in package inspection. Business express such as DHL, UPS, have large chance to be taxed.  


Attached: a list of the various provinces of Canada tax

Province of Delivery GST PST HST
Alberta 5% - -
British Columbia 5% 7% -
Manitoba 5% 8% -
New Brunswick - - 13%
Newfoundland & Labrador - - 13%
Northwest Territories 5% - -
Nova Scotia - - 15%
Nunavut 5% - -
Ontario - - 13%
Prince Edward Island - - 14%
Quebec 5% 9.98% -
Saskatchewan 5% 5% -
Yukon Territory 5% - -


How to avoid paying taxes? You can refer to the following suggestions: 


1. The weight of the package is the important basis for the customs to judge the package as civil parcel or commercial parcel. The package weigh over 10 kg will be considered as the commercial package. If you choose the DHL, you also need to consider the volume of items (The charge of DHL is confirmed by both the volume and weight of the commodity).

2. The ceiling of package weight is 30 kg. If your package is more than 30 kg, you can submit delivery order respectively.

3. A large number of the same item can be regarded as the commercial package, too.

4. As you know, we are sorry to tell you that we cannot give you 100% guarantee that your parcel will be taxed or not.




The number of the item and the weight of the package is the important basis for customs to judge the package as civil or commercial parcel. The package which is more than 10 kg will be more likely to be seen as the commercial parcel. 

Besides, limited by customs policy, especially food items, please be careful to send them overseas.

The above information is collected from the Internet data, only for your reference, cannot be the standard guidance.