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Parcels shall be subject to 3 common types of abnormalities during international transport: delay, loss and damage.

For delay of parcel, all major logistics providers still have no compensation standards in place, i.e. no compensation to be provided.

For loss and damage of parcel, we will assist you in claiming compensation from the logistics providers.


Description of logistics provider's compensation rules for lost parcels

1. The compensation rules of logistics providers refers to the compensation standards for parcel loss and damage (including partial loss) stipulated in the service agreement or published on their website when they provide logistics services for Greetbuy.

2. If you confirm that your parcel is missing or damaged, please apply for after-sales service within the validity period.

3. Kindly reminder for parcel damage and partial loss:

1) No compensation for fragile products. Click to view the Disclaimers Regarding Purchase Agent.

2) Freight is not refundable

3)Need to prove that the damage is caused by the improper transportation of the logistics provider, which will lead to difficulty in claiming for compensation

4). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service


Generally, the following is required when you apply to the logistics providers for parcel query and compensation:

1. Evidence that the foreign logistics provider confirms that the parcel is lost / not delivered / cannot be found, and the parcel-related proof issued by the recipient and the local courier is equally effective.

2. Evidence that the recipient confirms the parcel is not delivered, which shall include the parcel number, waybill number, name and address of the recipient, etc.

3. Screenshots including these of order information, product name, quantity, amount etc., or proof of purchase of online transaction for the product.To claim compensation from DHL, you also need to provide commercial invoice and letter of claim.

4. Other kinds of written query forms, claim forms, waybills, payment vouchers, etc. required by logistics providers.


Forbidden items


Items that cannot be shipped through mail:

1. Items forbidden to be circulated or shipped according to the national law.

2. Explosive, flammable, erosive, radioactive or toxic hazardous items.

3. Publications, books, sources or items containing reactionary content or obscenity.

4. Currencies of all kinds.

5. Items that violate public health.

6. Items that rot easily.

7. Live animals (not counting bees, silkworms and leeches, as long as the packaging ensures the safety of the workers).

8. Items that are not adequately packaged and may cause hazards to the workers, or contaminate or damage other packages.

9. Other items unsuitable for shipment though mail.


Items that are forbidden from being sent according to postal practices:

1. Items with qualities or packaging that may harm the postal workers or contaminate/damage other packages or postal equipment.

2. Items with metal seals or other sharp edges that may get in the way of postal processing.

3. All types of firearms, ammunition, explosive, flammable, erosive, and radioactive items or vessels, strong poison, anesthetics, biochemical products and infectious items.

4. All kinds of publications, propaganda, or printed items that may endanger the security and stability of the society or contain obscenity.

5. All kinds of items that may endanger public health.

6. Documents or items that are not accepted or allowed to be circulated in the recipient country.

7. Besides the above general regulations, please also follow all related regulations set by the customs.