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Shopping Guide

An e-commerce platform supported by Greetbuy

How to buy Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 products through Greetbuy

Step 1
Select Goods
Method 1
Enter the name of the product in the Greetbuy's search box and choose from the products offered by 1688, Taobao and Tmall
Method 2
Find the product you want to buy on 1688 / Taobao / Tmall, copy the link, and paste the URL link in the Greetbuy's search box
Step 2
Add to shopping cart
Greetbuy can capture the info of 99% of the products on 1688 / Taobao / Tmall. You can directly select the color, size and quantity, and click "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart".
Step 3
Pay the order cost
Submit the purchasing agent order, choose the payment method, pay for the order and Chinese local delivery fee.

Enter remarks regarding your requirement of purchase. If you need value-added services, just select such services, then submit the order after review.

Choose the inspection method:Standard InspectionStrict Inspection

Select international logistics (can be changed later)

Choose destination country

Payment method: Currently, only offline bank transfer is supported

Step 4
Greetbuy starts purchase
The purchasing team contacts the seller and orders the item for you

During the purchase of the order, you can contact Greetbuy for details; If necessary, Greetbuy will contact you via internal mail/email to complete or confirm the information.

Step 5
Greetbuy Inspection and Warehousing
Quality inspection will be carried out and items will be stored in the warehouse. You can visit "My Greetbuy" – “Warehouse” to view the item once it is stored.

Once the item has arrived to our warehouse, a series of quality inspection will be carried out and the photos will be taken for you to view them. We will contact you immediately if there are any problems.

Choose the inspection method:Standard InspectionStrict Inspection

Select international logistics (can be changed later)

Choose destination country

How does Greetbuy ship

Step 6
Greetbuy submit for parcel
Greetbuy will create a package for you according to the international logistics you selected when you placed the order, and notify you that you can pay the international shipping deposit.

Some products are restricted by mail, not all logistics lines can be sent

We provide related services such as unpacking/reinforcement, and will pack according to your requirements if necessary

You need to complete the overseas consignee address information first

Step 7
Pay international shipping fee deposit
Select payment method for the international shipping fee deposit and customs fee.

The international shipping fee deposit is calculated according to the product's estimated weight, the selected shipment method, and the destination.

The final shipping fee will be calculated according to the package size and weight verified by the shipping company. If there is a discrepancy between the final shipping fee and the deposit, the amount of difference will be returned to your Greetbuy account after the product is shipped

Step 8
Greetbuy Delivery
Consolidate and pack items, reinforce package, weight and send out for delivery.

You can track the parcel via "My Greetbuy" – “Parcels” after it is sent out.

Step 9
Waiting for your package to arrive
You can track your package and follow its shipping progress on the “Parcels” page

There is always the possibility that accidents may happen during international package shipments. Such circumstances include delays, confiscation, taxes, package damage, missing packages and more. Greetbuy cannot control or prevent accidents that may happen when your package is in the hands of a third-party logistics company or the customs, nor will we be able to guarantee the service quality of other companies not affiliated to Greetbuy. However, we aim to provide the best service possible to our customers and will inform you beforehand of the shipping situation for each shipping route or country you select and do everything we can to aid you if problems occur.

Final Step
Once you have received the parcel, you can confirm the delivery via "My Greetbuy" – “Parcels”. If you have any question regarding to the parcel, you can also choose the relevant parcel and apply for after-sales service.