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Taobao Agent Service

Greetbuy specializes in providing the highest quality Taobao agent services for overseas users. We help you purchase the products you want from China's Taobao website or other shopping platforms at the most favorable prices and transport them to your hands.
As the best Taobao agent in China, Greetbuy are committed to providing customers with a more relaxed, fast, convenient, and efficient Taobao shopping experience.
Taobao Agent

Our Taobao Agent Services

We offer the following services to buy from or other online shopping websites in China.

Buy For You

Greetbuy has a convenient online order system; you only need to place an order on our website, and we will quickly complete the purchase for you.

Quality Inspection

When your items arrive at Greetbury's warehouse, our experienced quality control team will assist you in inspecting your products for free to ensure that you receive satisfactory products.

If the product does not match the description or there are other issues, we will negotiate with the seller. If the product is defective, we will help you exchange or return it.

Free-quality Inspection Pictures

If the product has defects, we will automatically upload three free quality inspection images to your order for your confirmation, and you do not need to pay additional image fees.

Fine & Strong Packaging

Greetbuy will remove all unnecessary product packaging for you to reduce the volume of your package and thus reduce international transportation costs.

In addition, we will use various protective packaging materials to protect your items and pack your packages professionally.

Merge Orders

Greetbuy supports you to buy different products from multiple Taobao stores and merge them into one order, then receive your goods in bulk. Save shipping space with Greetbuy's LCL service, which can save up to 50% on shipping costs for your order.

Merge Packages

Greetbuy can merge multiple packages into one or fewer packages for transportation, saving you up to 50% shipping costs without additional fees.

Free Storage

Before shipping together, you can wait until all orders arrive at Greetbury's warehouse. We provide free storage services for your product for up to 180 days.

International Logistics

Greetbuy has extensive international logistics routes, providing door-to-door transport services to more than 200 countries — Sea, air, and rail modes.

We'll take care of transportation insurance and customs clearance for you.

After-sale Service

Regardless of any product being damaged upon arrival or lost during transportation, we will provide free reshipment or a 100% refund.

China Shopping Platforms We Support

We support multiple Chinese shopping platforms for online ordering.

Taobao Features

Rich product variety.

Full of unique, creative, and handmade products.

High-quality, low price.

No minimum order quantity.

The shipping cost within China is basically 0.

Taobao Suitable Targets

Buy for yourself.

Buy for your friends/family.

Buy for your own online/offline store.

Drop shipping.

Why Choose Taobao Agent?

Why Use Taobao Agent?

Due to various factors such as language, time difference, currency, and international logistics, you may need help to buy goods directly from Taobao, China. And when you buy from China yourself, you may need to hire an expensive quality control team separately to inspect the goods for you. These issues will all bring you a bad shopping experience.
Please use Greetbuy and let us handle these tasks for you. We help global customers buy products from Taobao, China. You can choose any product from Taobao and entrust Greetbuy to buy and ship on your behalf.
You don't have to worry about communication, product quality, or high costs. Let yourself free up and receive the goods.
How To Buy From

Why Choose Greetbuy's Taobao Agent Service?

Advantages of Greetbuy

Support multiple Chinese shopping platforms for online ordering:,,

Ultra-low service fees.

The price is transparent; Greetbuy does not earn the price difference of the product.

Convenient shopping process, latest technical support, and one-click online ordering.

A professional purchasing team without language barriers.

Professional quality control team to ensure the quality of your products.

Cheap and diverse transportation methods, no shipping commission.

A cheap and secure payment method.

Best-selling products, discounted products, featured product recommendations.

180 days of free storage time.

Advantage of Taobao Agent Benefit of Taobao Agent

Need help finding the product you're looking for?

Please get in touch with Greetbuy!

Taobao Agent FAQ

What is enjoys high brand awareness in China and is highly popular internationally. Like eBay, Amazon, and Lotte, Taobao dominates the online shopping markets in their respective countries. is affiliated with Alibaba Group, the largest online shopping e-commerce platform in China. Taobao has a wide range of products, from clothing, shoes, and hats to trendy toys, customized cosplay clothing, and specialty handicrafts. You can find low-priced, high-quality, and distinctive products that cannot be found in any other region/market/platform on Taobao.

Taobao mainly targets individual users in the Chinese Mainland market, and most Taobao sellers do not support international logistics. Taobao English is primarily aimed at overseas consumers and enterprises.

Is Greetbuy reliable?

Of course, you can trust us 100%, and our customers highly recognize our services.

Greetbuy is a formal sourcing agency headquartered in Yiwu, China. We have 10 years of experience as a Chinese product sourcing agent, serving over 3,000 customers and companies worldwide.

We mainly provide customers with Taobao agent services, 1688 agent services, and Chinese product sourcing services.

Why is Greetbuy's Taobao agent service cheaper than buying on Taobao?

First, if you buy multiple products from different Taobao sellers, you must pay international shipping fees for each order. But Greetbuy can combine all your items into one package for shipping, and you only pay one international shipping fee, which can help you save a lot of money.

Secondly, Greetbuy has many international logistics service providers who have cooperated for years. They can significantly discount international freight, which is almost impossible if you buy it yourself.

Third, we will carefully check your product before shipping to ensure its quality, and if the product is defective, we will help you exchange or return it. That can minimize your losses.

When I find a problem with the product I received and need your help, will you charge me extra?

No, Greetbuy doesn't charge extra. We can help you negotiate any issues with the seller, such as changing sizes, changing colors, returning goods, applying for refunds, etc. We'll do our best to help, but can't guarantee the outcome.

After the first payment, can I request a refund if my item is out of stock?

Yes, if your product is out of stock after the first payment, we will refund you the corresponding fee, including the cost of the product + domestic fee + product service fee.