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| User Notice > Product Storage Period > How long can the purchase agent goods be stored in the Greetbuy warehouse?

The storage period of orders is 180 days (about 6 months), calculated from the order status of "stored in warehouse". The free storage period of items  is 180 days. After the free storage period ends, Greetbuy will charge you a storage fee of CN¥0.1 per DI per day. If you have not submitted parcel delivery order after 150 days, we will send you a reminder. If you still have not submitted parcel delivery order or offered no feedback after 180 days, the items will be automatically deem abandoned and processed as overdue (in this case, Greetbuy will have the ownership of it).


Detailed Rules:


1. Within the storage period, Greetbuy shall be responsible for the storage of the items and bear corresponding responsibilities excluding the shelf life of the items (e.g. the shelf life of perishable items is only one month).


2. There will be no further reminder and notification for overdue items.


In order for your items not to be processed as overdue, please submit the parcel delivery order within the storage period. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!