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Rules for parcel forwarding, signed acceptance, and inspection:

1. If the goods do not meet your requirements (for example, the appearance is badly damaged) when they arrive at the Greetbuy warehouse, we will return the goods to the merchant and ask the merchant to resend the goods.

2. If your package meets all product acceptance requirements, we will open it and inspect prohibited items before weighing it and placing it in storage.

3. If your product does not meet the requirements of air freight, we will mark the corresponding order and inform you of the return.


Details on “product inspection & verification” and warehouse stocking:

1. By select "Standard Inspection", Greetbuy will take 5% of the total amount of each product (minimum 5 pieces, maximum 20 pieces) to check the style, quantity, color, size, model and other information.

2. By select "Strict Inspection", Greetbuy will check the style, quantity, color, size, model of the product, whether the main logo on the front/back of the product has serious defects or missing, whether the product is damaged, and whether the appearance is obvious (the circular diameter is 0.5cm, Other shape length 1cm) defects (stains, stains, scratches, threads, broken) to check and inspect.


The inspection rules for all sealed packaged goods and non-clothing/bags/shoes goods with sealing labels or sealing strips are not to unpack the goods, only to check whether the appearance is damaged, and to judge whether the goods are wrong according to the information of the outer package of the goods. All items will be screened for contraband.




1. Greetbuy does not inspect the color difference, size error, product performance, the model of the mobile phone case (film), glasses degree, the lining of the clothes, the appearance of the commodity box and the letter printing quality or missing.

2. Greetbuy does not inspect the quality, models, and accessories of professional products, such as electronics, digital products, and the related peripherals or accessories.

3. Ss electronics and digital products are deemed special products, quality inspectors will only check their appearance, without powering them on for inspection;

4. Greetbuy does not unpack sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels of clothes, suitcases, bags, and shoes. Greetbuy only inspects whether the appearance is intact and whether the delivered products are as described by the outer package information.

5. Products without obvious damage, stains and other major problems will be regarded as qualified products.

6. If we find that the product is not suitable for shipping, we will leave a message on the relevant order reminding you to negotiate a return.