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1688 Agent Service

As a professional Chinese 1688 agent, Greetbuy provides a one-stop purchasing service for you to purchase cheap goods from the purchasing and wholesale platform.
We are mainly responsible for product purchasing, quality inspection, free warehousing, private brand/label customization, professional packaging, parcel transportation, customs clearance, after-sales, and other services.
We always listen to your every expectation and request to ensure you get a satisfactory purchasing and shipping solution.
1688 Agent

Our 1688 Agent Services

We offer complete product sourcing, quality inspection, shipping, and other 1688 agent services to simplify your work importing from China.

Buy For You

Greetbuy has a convenient online order system; you only need to place an order on our website, and we will quickly complete the purchase for you.

If you don't know how to find an item, you can submit your order list and leave the rest to Greetbuy.

Quality Inspection

When your items arrive at Greetbury's warehouse, our experienced quality control team will assist you in inspecting your products for free to ensure that you receive satisfactory products.

If the product does not match the description or there are other issues, we will negotiate with the seller. If the product is defective, we will help you exchange or return it.

Free-quality Inspection Pictures

If the product has defects, we will automatically upload three free quality inspection images to your order for your confirmation, and you do not need to pay additional image fees.

Private Brand & Label Customization

Reinforce your brand image with customized product branding/labeling. Include your business logo on your merchandise for maximum brand exposure.

We can provide competitive label prices and logo-equipped solutions based on your needs.

Fine & Strong Packaging

Greetbuy will remove all unnecessary product packaging for you to reduce the volume of your package and thus reduce international transportation costs.

In addition, we will use various protective packaging materials to protect your items and pack your packages professionally.

Amazon FBA

We can help you send the product to your Amazon FBA warehouse. You only need to send us the FBA label, and we will print the label.

Merge Orders

Greetbuy supports you to buy different products from multiple 1688 shop and merge them into one order, then receive your goods in bulk. Save shipping space with Greetbuy's LCL service, which can save up to 50% on shipping costs for your order.

Merge Packages

Greetbuy can merge multiple packages into one or fewer packages for transportation, saving you up to 50% shipping costs without additional fees.

Free Storage

Before shipping together, you can wait until all orders arrive at Greetbury's warehouse. We provide free storage services for your product for up to 180 days.

International Logistics

Greetbuy has extensive international logistics routes, providing door-to-door transport services to more than 200 countries — Sea, air, and rail modes.

We'll take care of transportation insurance and customs clearance for you.

Personalized Purchasing

If you need a customized product or a personalized purchase, you can contact Greetbuy customer service.

We have quality offline factory partners that make it easy for you to find high-quality factories and low-cost products.

After-sale Service

Regardless of any product being damaged upon arrival or lost during transportation, we will provide free reshipment or a 100% refund.

China Shopping Platforms We Support

We support multiple Chinese shopping platforms for online ordering.

How to buy 1688 products through Greetbuy

Greetbuy is a high-quality purchasing agent certified by Alibaba. Greetbuy has conducted in-depth docking with hundreds of millions of goods on the 1688 website. You can find all the products you want from on the Greetbuy website.

Method 1: Order online on the Greetbuy website

Paste the product link you selected on 1688 into the Greetbuy search box and search. Greetbuy will synchronize the 1688 product information in real-time, and you can then add the product to your shopping cart.

You can also directly enter the product name in the Greetbuy search box to search for the product you want.

Search for the same product from by uploading your product pictures on Greetbuy.

For the specific online ordering process, please click: How To Buy From

Method 2: Submit your order list

Suppose you do not know how to find the goods and communicate with the suppliers due to the language barrier. In that case, you can submit the order list containing the product information (product pictures or links) to Greetbuy, and we will buy the products directly from according to your order list.

1688 Features

Minimum order quantity as low as 1 pieces, extremely low product prices.

The largest Chinese product purchasing website, rich in direct sales products from manufacturers.

Meet all your purchasing and wholesale needs by covering 16 significant industries, such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing, home furnishings, and small commodities.

With rich products and hundreds of millions of popular products in inventory, you don't have to spend energy re-developing and producing products.

The product purchasing source of e-commerce shopping platforms (such as,, and physical stores in China and the world.

Provide a safe purchasing experience and guaranteed shopping.

1688 Suitable Targets

Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platform sellers.

Enterprise bulk purchasing.

Import wholesaler.

Physical supermarket chain.

Counterfeit sellers.

Why Choose 1688 Agent?

Why Use 1688 Agent?

Due to various factors such as language barriers, currency payments, international shipping, etc., purchasing goods directly from may be complex. When you buy from 1688 yourself, you may need to hire an expensive quality control team separately to inspect the goods for you. All of these problems can lead to a bad shopping experience.
Use Greetbuy and let us take care of the work for you. We help customers worldwide buy from; you can pick any item from and entrust Greetbuy to buy and ship on your behalf.
You don't have to worry about communication, product quality, or high costs. Let yourself free up and receive the goods.
How To Buy From

Why Choose Greetbuy's 1688 Agent Service?

Advantages of Greetbuy

Support multiple Chinese shopping platforms for online ordering:,,

Ultra-low service fees.

The price is transparent; Greetbuy does not earn the price difference of the product.

Convenient shopping process, latest technical support, and one-click online ordering.

A professional purchasing team without language barriers.

Professional quality control team to ensure the quality of your products.

Cheap and diverse transportation methods, no shipping commission.

A cheap and secure payment method.

Best-selling products, discounted products, featured product recommendations.

180 days of free storage time.

Advantage of 1688 Agent Benefit of 1688 Agent

Need help finding the product you're looking for?

Please get in touch with Greetbuy!

1688 Agent FAQ

What is is China's largest and most comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform, with more than 150 million users and 5 million factories, manufacturers, or their agents. Here, you can find the original manufacturers of products to get better prices and rich product range. has 49 categories of products, including electronic products, clothing, women's cosmetics, jewelry and watches, household products, pet products, baby products, outdoor products, and raw materials.

What is the difference between and is undoubtedly a household name in China's e-commerce industry but is not as well-known globally as Alibaba. is Alibaba's B2B wholesale platform. It mainly targets Chinese companies or buyers who purchase large quantities, so the competition is more intense, and the prices are lower. At the same time, is aimed at overseas wholesalers and end consumers with international prices, which has the advantage of international price differences. Buyers have more room for arbitrage, so the price is relatively higher. That means you and your business can get better prices and more profit when buying from and having it shipped to you internationally. has a more significant number of products and a wider variety; the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of products is often lower than that of

Shops on usually don't speak English, and most factories can't export goods.

Is Greetbuy reliable?

Of course, you can trust us 100%, and our customers highly recognize our services.

Greetbuy is a formal sourcing agency headquartered in Yiwu, China. We have 10 years of experience as a Chinese product sourcing agent, serving over 3,000 customers and companies worldwide.

We mainly provide customers with Taobao agent services, 1688 agent services, and Chinese product sourcing services.

Why is Greetbuy’s 1688 agent service cheaper than buying it on

First, if you purchase multiple products from different sellers yourself, you will need to pay international shipping for each order. But Greetbuy can consolidate all your items into one package for shipping, and you only need to pay one international shipping fee, which can help you save international shipping costs.

Secondly, Greetbuy has many international logistics service providers that have cooperated for many years and can provide significantly discounted international shipping costs, which is almost impossible if you buy it yourself.

Third, we will inspect your product before shipping to ensure its quality. If the product is defective, we will help you exchange or return it. That can minimize your losses.

Is the website available in English?

No. is only available in the Chinese market, and the current language is Chinese. But you can use Google Chrome to translate Chinese to English or other languages.

How to choose a good supplier on

The merchant's reputation is a priority for buyers, so you need to focus on "TrustPass" suppliers.

The identity of "TrustPass" merchants has been certified by 1688, a third-party independent agency and the store's transaction credit will be recorded and accumulated for a long time. "TrustPass" certification reflects the credibility and strength of the merchant, so it is easier to win buyers' trust.

How to contact Chinese suppliers on

Most merchants on do not speak English; you can use the translation function to communicate.

Does 1688 support payments in US dollars or other currencies? only accepts payment in RMB and through Alipay, bank cards, and credit cards. It does not accept overseas credit cards and bank accounts.

Can's suppliers ship directly to my overseas address?

Not support. You must use the 1688 agent to send the goods to your designated location.

Can you find a supplier for me?

Certainly! Over the past 10 years, Greetbuy has cooperated with thousands of factories and suppliers and has a vast supplier resource.

Can you design products for me?

Our professional design team can meet various design requirements, including company logos, product shapes, and packaging patterns.

Can you pack the goods according to my requirements?

Yes! We have a professional warehouse team who are familiar with the packaging requirements of Amazon products.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank wire transfer, Payoneer, etc.