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Product Sourcing Services To Import From China

Greetbuy provides one-stop product sourcing services imported from China. We help you find/verify suppliers, negotiate/obtain competitive prices, follow up production and supply purchasing, quality control, customized packaging, free warehouse storage, transportation, and other services to sourcing from China quickly, safely, and with confidence.
As a professional and transparent China sourcing agent, we're committed to making sourcing from China easier.
China Sourcing Agent

Exclusive China Sourcing Agent

Our product sourcing services have served over 3000 importers and Amazon FBA/Shopify sellers.
2~3 Times More Efficient from Sourcing to Delivery
10% Cheaper for the Combination Products
80% reduction in risks, failures or problems
Safer and lower rate payment method

Our Sourcing Agent Services

We have complete steps to help you source from China to help you find reliable Chinese suppliers, follow up on production, ensure product quality, and ship to your country. In addition, our professional design team can better meet your customization needs.

Supplier verification & Product Purchase

Greetbuy finds the most suitable and quality suppliers/manufacturers based on your needs and verifies their compliance.

At the same time, we will compare products from different suppliers/manufacturers, communicate, and negotiate with them to get the best price for your products.

Production Follow-up

Greetbuy has dedicated personnel to track your order on time, monitor the entire production process, and always coordinate with the factory to ensure that your goods are manufactured and shipped on time and with high quality.

Quality Control

Greetbuy monitors product quality with a critical eye. When your items arrive at our warehouse, our experienced quality control team will further inspect your products and count the quantities to ensure you receive satisfactory products.

Private Brand & Label Customization

Reinforce your brand image with customized product branding/labeling. Include your business logo on your merchandise for maximum brand exposure.

Greetbuy has a professional design team can design new product packaging according to your needs and provide competitive label prices and solutions with logos.

Free Product Photography

If you are a seller on an e-commerce platform such as Amazon, we can provide up to 3 photos with a white background taken by a professional photographer.

Amazon FBA

Greetbuy can help you ship items to your Amazon FBA warehouse and ensure inspection, packaging, and labeling meet FBA standards. You need to send us the FBA label, and we will print the label for you.

Fine Packaging

We remove all unnecessary product packaging for you to reduce the volume of your and thus reduce international shipping costs.

Additionally, we use various protective packaging materials to protect your belongings and professionally pack your package.

Free Storage

We are responsible for collecting all your products, and you can wait until all products arrive at Greetbuy's warehouse before shipping them out together. We offer free storage for your products for up to 180 days.

International Logistics

Greetbuy has a wide range of international logistics routes, providing door-to-door transportation services to more than 200 countries, including sea, air, and rail.

We provide transportation insurance services, prepare the necessary import and export documents, and handle customs clearance procedures.

How Can We Help You Sourcing From China?

Start by understanding your requirements and expectations. Send us the requirements for the goods you want to purchase, including product quantity, size, specification, color, etc., and we will find the source of goods for you as soon as possible and reply via email.

1. Understand your needs

Send us your request: What products do you want to find/produce? What are the requirements for price and quantity? What is the expected standard and quality?

Please provide as much detail as possible. Include drawings, materials, previous issues, and expectations. The more we know, the more we can help you.

2. Collect products/suppliers

Based on your request for a quote, we will create a specification file and send it to multiple vendors.

Greetbuy then reviews the bids and responses from different suppliers/plants and selects the best product based on price, performance, quality, and our experience with suppliers.

3. Get a free quote

We will send you a competitive offer within 24 hours at the earliest, along with an indication of potential problems and possible risks, including dimensional deviations, product limitations/impacts, material limitations, etc.

4. Supplier verification

After you accept the offer, Greetbuy will carry out detailed supplier/factory verification, including Service attitude, factory size, production environment, worker safety, social responsibility, relevant certificates, etc.

5. Sample delivery

Before confirming the order, if you need it, we can send product samples to you for confirmation to ensure that you can get the product you want and meet your standards.

Sample and shipping costs are at your own expense.

6. Confirm order and advance payment

30% prepayment after order confirmation. Start production according to your requirements.

7. Start production

During the production of goods, we have dedicated personnel to track the production progress on time, monitor the entire production process, and maintain coordination with the factory to ensure that your goods are manufactured and shipped on time and with high quality.

8. Quality inspection

Greetbuy will check your goods before shipping, including quality, quantity, color, size, label, packaging, etc., to meet all your needs and send you a detailed goods report for confirmation.

9. Balance payment

After completing all processes, you pay the remaining 70% before shipment.

10. Arrange transportation

We have multiple international logistics routes and provide the best prices.

After shipment, we will arrange customs clearance documents for you: packing list, commercial invoice, and related documents.

11. After-sales service

Our customers highly recognize our services; you can trust us 100%.

If you receive a defective product, we will negotiate with the supplier and provide a free resend or 100% refund to minimize loss.

How to sourcing from China?

We provide Chinese product-sourcing solutions for all types of buyers.

If you don’t have a supplier

We handle everything from finding suppliers/products to delivery.

If you already have a supplier.

We can receive the goods from your supplier and provide professional quality inspection, packaging, and shipping.

Regardless of the order size, we take all customers seriously and hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

Who Connects To Us?

No matter what your business is -- Amazon/Shopify/eBay seller? Enterprise/import trader/offline supermarket? We can all provide you with high-quality and profitable products to grow your business.
Amazon/Shopify/eBay Seller

Amazon/Shopify/eBay Seller

As we all know, a reasonable and competitive price is crucial when opening a store on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. Sourcing products from China can bring significant profits.

We provide Amazon FBA shipping services and ensure inspection, packaging, and labeling meet FBA standards.

Buyer/Import Trader

Buyer/Import Trader

Sourcing agents can provide better services, including supplier verification, quality control, return guarantee, etc., and offer customers lower discounts on international logistics costs.

So you don’t have to come to China yourself; we handle every step of the purchasing process for you.

Retailer & Supermarket

Retailer & Supermarket

Many supermarkets must frequently purchase various goods, and the prices must be low to ensure profit margins. We help find products that match and fit into their seasonal sales plans.

Why Choose a Sourcing Agent?

Why Use a Sourcing Agent?

A Sourcing agent will save you two things you can never have enough of as a business – time and money.
Sourcing directly from China can be complicated due to various factors, including language barriers, currency payments, international shipping, etc. When sourcing from China, you may need to hire a separate and expensive quality control team to inspect the goods. All of these issues can lead to a poor purchasing experience.
Compared with sourcing from China yourself, sourcing agents have the following advantages:

The professional purchasing team provides lower product quotations.

Verify supplier qualifications for you.

Track production and product quality control.

Low labor costs and low service fees.

Have lower international shipping discounts.

You don’t have to worry about communication, product quality, excessive costs, etc.; you no longer have to struggle to find thousands of problematic manufacturers. Free yourself to focus on what matters – marketing and business development.
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Why Choose Greetbuy's Sourcing Agent Service?

Advantages of Greetbuy

Free sourcing consultation, free quotation.

10 years of purchasing experience.

Price and Minimum order Quantity(MOQ) negotiated.

Supplier compliance verification and production follow-up.

Professional purchasing team, no language barrier.

Professional quality control team to ensure the quality of your products.

Professional product photography.

ODM/OEM own brand, label, and packaging customization services.

Rich and deeply discounted shipping options, door-to-door delivery, and no shipping commission.

Secure payment methods with lower rates: xTransfer (bank transfer).

180 days of free storage.

Advantage of Sourcing Agent Benefit of Sourcing Agent

Need help finding the product you're looking for?

Please get in touch with Greetbuy!

Sourcing Agent FAQ

Is Greetbuy reliable?

Of course, you can trust us 100%, and our customers highly recognize our services.

Greetbuy is a formal sourcing agency headquartered in Yiwu, China. We have 10 years of experience as a Chinese product sourcing agent, serving over 3,000 customers and companies worldwide.

We mainly provide customers with Taobao agent services, 1688 agent services, and Chinese product sourcing services.

How long does it take to sourcing from China?

It is mainly divided into 5 stages.

1. Understand your needs in 1-3 days.

2. Collect suppliers/products and quote in 1-5 days.

3. Product production, 10-50 days.

4. Quality inspection, 3-7 days.

5. Delivery, 10-30 days.

Generally speaking, it may take about 25-95 days from procurement to delivery in China. The specific time will vary according to different services and processes.

Does a third-party company handle Greetbuy's quality inspection service?

No. Greetbuy has its product quality control team, which allows us to control the entire inspection process more accurately to ensure high-quality products and 0 defect rate.

We can provide you with a label design, customized packaging, product photography, and other services.

Does Greetbuy provide supplier information?

Under normal circumstances, Chinese sourcing agency will not disclose supplier information.

However, when your order amount reaches Greetbuy's requirements, we are willing to provide you with detailed supplier information.

Can I source products from China by myself?

Yes. Suppose you understand the entire purchasing, development, production, and transportation process from China and have enough energy to keep in touch with suppliers; you can complete the purchasing yourself without needing a sourcing agent.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank wire transfer, Payoneer, etc.