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Purchasing of OEM products in China

Match the best Chinese factories and find better and cheaper goods for you.
More than 50% of the world's products are made in China, which provides cheaper prices and high-quality goods. The variety of product lists makes it difficult for overseas friends to choose appropriate products at reasonable prices. However, with the help of Greetbuy OEM purchasing agents, you can save time in finding reliable factories and obtain lower costs rather than enter the Chinese market themselves.

Make OEM purchasing easy

As China has countless manufacturing resources and new factories are constantly emerging, choosing the best source of product supply and developing a solid and lasting relationship will become essential.
We have a professional team of local OEM procurement experts whose function is to find high-quality product supply sources to meet customers' continuous procurement needs. That is critical to our success in finding new and innovative product supply sources. It includes high quality, competitive prices, diversified product materials, creative design, and close cooperation in the supply chain.
With more than 10 years of experience purchasing products, we have established partnerships with more than 800 factories in China to ensure we can find the most suitable factory to supply your OEM product procurement needs.
We only conduct business with factories where we share the same values. That is, we always put customer needs first. We conduct extensive due diligence and visit every factory we cooperate with to ensure that the products we provide to you are of high quality and competitive price.

Disadvantages of purchasing goods yourself

Unaudited factory and supplier product quality problems.
The opaque product pricing adds more purchase costs for you.
Delivery delay, wrong labels, and poor packaging.
Spend a lot of time looking for the right factory and products.

Advantages of Greetbuy

Goods with lower prices and higher quality.
Professional OEM product procurement team.
Independent product quality control team.
It has established relations with more than 800 factories in China.
Rich and fast international logistics routes.

Trying to purchase by yourself will undoubtedly lead to various unexpected problems.

With Greetbuy, you will get a reasonable price, quality product, and the timely delivery time you deserve.

OEM Inspection

We have a formal OEM procurement process to ensure our products are delivered as planned.

We monitor production from beginning to end through many factory visits to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We go directly to the factory before, during, and at the end of the production process to ensure that customers get high-quality goods.

OEM Purchase Order Process

Product sampling inspection, testing, and validation
Orders and inventories for component materials and parts
Reminders for target deadlines, delays, follow-ups
Quality control monitoring
Packaging requirements and drop testing
Product inspection and evaluation results
Packaging, label details, shipping
Delivery complete

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Match the best Chinese factories and find better and cheaper goods for you.