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| After Sales Service > Product Exception > What should I do if there is something wrong with the purchase agent goods after received?

1. If there has been a quality issue after you unpacking or have used the product for a while, as long as the product is still within the quality assurance period, and you have original proof of purchase and product quality assurance card, you can entrust Greetbuy. We can help you to contact Chinese mainland merchant to refund / exchange. 


1). Because each retailer / manufacturers have their special principles and ways to processing problems in the quality issue of the goods (commodity quality assurance card note is effective), Greetbuy cannot guarantee the manufacturer can fully satisfy your requirements, but will do our best to strive for your interests to make you satisfied.  

2). Greetbuy provides this agent service and do not charge any service fees, but you need to cover the return delivery fee. Greetbuy reserves the right to refuse to serve as a commodity agent that does not meet the quality assurance conditions.  


2. please describe your problem in detail, and upload package photos, real commodity photos etc.. Once Greetbuy received your application, we will reply you as soon as possible with solutions (including but not limited to refund the cost, returns, etc.).


Note: After-sales considerations pls refer: After-sales Considerations


Occurrence of any of the following circumstances, we will not accept your request to return the goods

1. The commodity is replaced, the original change, or missing parts  

2. Opened goods, such as package, CD, DVD, tapes, etc.

3. Without the original proof of purchase.

4. Involving goods missed, damaged, defective and other issues, you need to contact the customer service within 72 hours after you have received. If it is overdue, request is no longer accepted.


If you want to apply for after sales, you need to provide photos.  


1.Goods damaged or there is a large area of stains, please take photos and upload which is damaged or polluted.  

Damaged goods, stained goods  


2. Received the size of the goods and your purchased size does not match, where you need to have the size of the logo photos uploaded (if there is no size identification of goods, it cannot be verified) 

Size logo


3. If the goods you received does not match the goods style you bought, you need to take the overall picture and upload it.  

The whole picture of goods


4. Lack of goods, first you need to provide the order number of the missing goods, then take and upload pictures of items list , the unpacking parts of the parcel packaging ,the goods and parcels weighting photos, as shown in Figure


5. If you have received the parcel, but you found out that there is something wrong with the parcel, please take a picture of the parcel List and the goods within the package, and provide the ID of one of the items received.

Items List


Commodity ID


6. If your received package’s weight is wrong: Please weigh before open the parcel, and upload the weighting pictures.