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Taobao's 10 best-selling categories and Characteristics overseas

Update on: November 01, 2023

Many people know that you can buy products at low prices on the Chinese shopping site Taobao.

On the other hand, you should learn what popular categories Taobao has and the benefits of buying products on Taobao.

Below, we will introduce you to Taobao's best-selling categories and features in detail.


Taobao's 10 best-selling categories





Taobao's 10 best-selling overseas categories


As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, Taobao provides a wide variety of product choices. Among the many products, some categories have always been hot sellers on Taobao. This article will introduce the top ten best-selling product categories on Taobao.


Women's clothing: Women's clothing has always been one of the popular categories on Taobao. There are a variety of women's clothing stores on Taobao, offering women's clothing in various styles and styles, from everyday clothing to fashion trends.


Men's clothing: Men's clothing is also a popular category on Taobao. Whether it is business formal wear or casual sportswear, Taobao has a wealth of choices.


Mobile digital: With the development of technology, mobile digital categories are also trendy on Taobao. Users can find various brands of mobile phones, cameras, digital accessories, etc., on Taobao.


Home decoration: The home decoration category is also one of the popular categories on Taobao. Users can purchase furniture, decorations, kitchen appliances, etc. on Taobao.


Beauty and personal care: Beauty and personal care products are trendy on Taobao. Many beauty shops on Taobao offer a variety of cosmetics, skincare products, and personal care products.


Maternal and infant products: Maternal and infant products on Taobao are also a popular category. Users can purchase various maternal and infant products, such as maternity clothing, baby clothing, children's toys, etc., on Taobao.


Sports and outdoor: The sports and outdoor category is also very popular in Taobao. Users can purchase sports equipment, outdoor supplies, fitness equipment, etc. on Taobao.


Shoes and bags: Shoes and bags are also hot-selling categories on Taobao. There are all kinds of shoes and handbags on Taobao, whether sports shoes or fashion bags.


Jewelry: The jewelry category is also a popular category on Taobao. Users can purchase various styles of rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry on Taobao.


Gift Clocks: The last hot-selling product category is gift clocks. Taobao has a wide variety of gifts and watches, suitable for giving as gifts or for personal use.




Features of Taobao

Features of Taobao


What is Taobao?


Taobao ( is a shopping website founded by China's Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd.


Taobao is China's most popular online shopping and retail platform (C2C: Consumer to Consumer), with nearly 500 million registered users and more than 60 million regular visitors daily. At the same time, the number of online products per day has exceeded 800 million. An average of 48,000 items are sold every minute.


You can buy various products on Taobao, from daily necessities to branded products, publications, and home appliances. There is nothing you can't buy on Taobao.



Alibaba-owned websites other than Taobao


In addition to Taobao, Alibaba Group also owns several internationally renowned shopping platforms:


Alibaba International Station ( Mainly facing overseas markets. The leading online B2B trading market where global buyers and importers find suppliers from China and other manufacturing countries. Alibaba International Station had more than 36 million registered users from more than 200 countries and regions.


Alibaba ( 1688 is a domestic B2B wholesale e-commerce platform designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises across China sell and purchase. In 1688, companies could publish their products and find suppliers and buyers for transactions.


AliExpress ( AliExpress is a cross-border e-commerce platform built by Alibaba for the international market. It is called the "international version of Taobao" by most sellers. AliExpress targets overseas buyers conducts secured transactions through Alipay international accounts and uses international logistics channels for transportation and delivery. It is the third-largest English-language online shopping website in the world.



People who don't want to buy through agents usually choose Taobao is a Chinese B2B wholesale website for companies and traders who buy and sell products in China.


Therefore, you can buy it at a lower price, but since this is a business-to-business transaction, you will need to use a 1688 agent if you want to buy it and resell it overseas.


When individuals want to purchase products without going through an agent, they usually choose Taobao. Because Taobao allows individual transactions, product prices are higher than




What are the benefits of buying products on Taobao?


What are the benefits of buying products on Taobao? I will explain mainly from three points.


Large number of products


The advantage of Taobao is its wide variety of products.

There are more than 1 billion products on Taobao, and you can find something.

Because there are so many products, research can take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you might discover a treasure trove.


Low price


The prices of Taobao products are much cheaper than overseas, and product quality can also be guaranteed.


You can buy even if the order quantity is small.


Another advantage of Taobao is that it allows transactions between individuals, so purchases can be made even if the order size is small.

As mentioned, Alibaba ( is a B2B wholesale website that conducts B2B transactions, so some products cannot be purchased in small quantities. But Taobao allows you to buy one item.

It is safe for those who are new to buying from China.




We recommend using an agent to make purchases

Using an agent to make purchases


People who don't want to buy through an agent will buy directly on Taobao. Still, since unexpected problems sometimes occur when importing, Greetbuy recommends using a Taobao agent to buy from Taobao.


Using an agency will incur agency fees and other costs. Still, if the agency handles a more significant number of packages, the international shipping costs will be lower, and the agency can take it for you when you run into trouble, which is very useful for you—something to rest assured.


Agents also conduct a certain level of inspection on regulated products imported from China.




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