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How to Create Product Specification Sheets with Template

Update on: July 05, 2023

How Can You Write Good Product Specification Sheets to attract the supplier’s attention?


It is not uncommon to hear of the negative experiences that importers have had with Chinese manufacturers. In many cases, the importer is to blame. It is because the importers don't communicate their needs to suppliers clearly.


Importers can prevent many of the quality problems that they claim by preparing a detailed product specification sheet.


It is not possible to guarantee the highest quality with just a few pictures. As explained below, there is a correct way to create a product specification sheet.


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What are product specification sheets (PSS)?

The product specification sheet is a detailed and concise document that clearly defines the specifications of your products. This document will help you achieve better results in the production process and sourcing, as well as assist your supplier.


This article will show you what to include in your product specification sheets.



What is the main purpose of product specifications?

Three reasons why you should have a product specifications sheet


Understanding your needs and helping factories to meet them


Detailed descriptions of your product requirements will help factories better understand your needs. In China, sellers often fail because they let the factory make assumptions about their product requirements.


Getting better quotes


Suppliers need to know your exact specifications in order to provide the best price quote. Say you're looking for leather shoes, and that you want them to be made of high-quality leather. You will receive a quote based on low quality standards if you don't have a spec sheet.


As there are many different kinds of leather to whom the tanning methods are also distinguished--moreover, the leather of the animal, you want your product to be manufactured.


Find high-quality products


Chinese factories are always looking for ways to reduce their costs, as they have relatively low profit margins and need to expand. If you are clear about your requirements, suppliers will use cheap packaging and materials.


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How can you create a specification sheet for a product?

Here are five steps to create a product specification sheet. It can be used to cite product specification sheets.


Step 1: What must be included in product specification sheets?


On the internet, you can find different templates that companies use to create their product sheets. Each product has a proportion that you can include in the product sheet for clarity.


It is easier for everyone to comprehend the list if it has all of the requirements listed in an organized and understandable manner.


What's in a product description? This structure will be very useful when dealing with Chinese suppliers.


Product introduction:

  • Name of the product
  • Product Code
  • Description of the Product
  • Use
  • Reference Photos


Product requirements:

  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Specific Materials
  • Be patient with the measurements (if any).
  • Colors (use Pantone color codes).
  • Performance (i.e. durability).
  • Test Requirements potential defects & expectations)


Labeling and packaging requirements:

  • Packaging Specifications
  • Labeling Specifications
  • Testing Requirements No damage is visible after a drop test.


Standards and Certification:

  • Standards Required
  • The product must be certified (e.g. Compliance with EU/USA regulations.


Other (optional):

  • Special instructions (e.g. Personal logo on the product


Fill in as many details as possible on your product specification sheet. This will help suppliers understand your needs. Ask an expert to assist you in creating and finalizing a product spec sheet. Consider working with someone who is familiar with the creation of product sheets.



Step 2: Drafting Product Specification Sheets


You need to constantly check your product specifications sheets before you finalize them. Create a rough sheet and then edit accordingly. You will learn more about the product specifications by creating a sheet. Use the outline we've provided to cover the basic requirements for many products.


You should have already mentioned everything you would like to see in your product. It's time to include the things your product needs.



Step 3: Create a sheet that can be produced


Finalize the product's details so that it can be produced. It is important to keep in mind that the more features you include, the higher your cost will be. Therefore, try to create a simple product. Your product should be simple, and made by a single factory. Check your sheet to see if there are any features missing.



Step 4: Add pictures to your sheet


Your product specification sheets will be more appealing to manufacturers if they include illustrations and diagrams. Colors can be included to let them know the exact shades. Use images to add text boxes & arrows. You can also include pictures of the details you want on your product.



Step 5: Complete your product specifications sheets


Now you have to include all the requirements in your product sheet, along with any modifications needed to manufacture it. Make it easy to understand by using simple English. Sellers are known to make multiple revisions up until the stage of manufacturing. Take a final look at your specifications sheet to ensure that your product is manufactured.



What format should product specification sheets be created in?

The product specification sheets can be created in Word or Excel. However, you should send a PDF to your suppliers so that they cannot modify it. Be sure to include your contact information on each page of the sheet that you send the supplier. If there is a question, the supplier can contact you directly.



How do you use your product specification sheets?

Here are some examples of how you can use the sheet.


Requesting Pricing Quotes

Sending your product specifications sheets to your supplier will help you get a better quote on the manufacturing cost.



Supplier Contract

If the supplier is willing to work with you on your product, have them sign a contract. They will understand your project. You will be able to use this document if you ever need to file a lawsuit.



Measures of quality

Before he/she can inspect your products in China, a quality control inspector will verify your quality parameters.






You can create a spreadsheet and send it to your supplier. You learn new information later, which forces you to update the sheet. The updated sheet is then sent to the Supplier. Their document control now comes int o question. It is possible that they could accidentally make the order on an old sheet.

You can avoid mistakes by indicating "Rev 2", "Rev 1", or "Rev 1 and 2" in the documents.




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