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Purchasing Agent: generally speaking, is finding someone to help you to buy goods you want. It might because of that you can't buy this goods abroad, or the abroad price is expensive than Chinese domestic price. People buy goods from China and then ship items to abroad, which is a common form of Purchasing agents.


Purchasing Agent Service is our cord service. We purchase items from China to our customers based on customers’ wants and instructions. In addition, we provide services for the whole process from recommendation in purchasing, quality inspection, storage, delivery and after sales services to ensure our customers receive satisfied items. The better Purchasing experience will be gained by using our Purchasing Agent service. 


Through Greetbuy's website, you can get what you want by making payments with local currency.

The purchasing agent processes is shown as below:


1. login to our website to search the items you would like us to purchase for you by providing items details.

-> In this step, we will provide some related information, such as delivery or purchase tip/ recommendations, or even to assist you to find the better options.

2. Once the items have arrived to our warehouse, we will inspect the items quality for you and store them in our warehouse.

-> You have up to 180 days free storage to store your items.

3. You could pick a suitable time for delivery and remind us to deliver your items to you.

-> If you do not need those items immediately, we recommend you to stock more items and deliver them into one shipment in order to save delivery fee.

4. No matter whether the items are on its way or arrived to your place, our customer service will take responsibilities to assist you regarding to any after-sales issues. 


How does Greetbuy purchasing agent service charge?

The total cost of Purchasing Agent service = Product cost + Purchase agent service rates + International shipping fee + Customs charges

Click to view the detail: How does Greetbuy purchasing agent service charge?


The benefits of using Greetbuy Purchasing Agents


1. You can purchasing the High quality and low price products with Greetbuy.

2. There are infinite choices for you to buy Chinese goods online.

3. You can use the dollar, euro, as well as various currencies to pay.

4. You can receive your purchasing oversea goods within 7 working days at the soonest.

5. You can obtain perfect promised return policy on damaged goods.

6. You can get professional services from Greetbuy customer service team; they can answer your any problems encountered in the process of Purchasing in Chinese mainland.


In which situations you are suitable to choose the Purchasing Agent Services?


1. You can find the prices' advantage: due to cheaper labor cost, lower production costs in Chinese mainland, most of goods' price is lower; at the same time, Greetbuy designs a unique Purchasing model for the customer to save money.

2. When you are accustomed to use Chinese products, services, or having a preference for a particular brand, while you are unable to purchase abroad and then entrust us to buy.

3. Professional data, books (especially Chinese version) or equipment. For example, university or research institutions need to buy some specialized books or software and there are no selling channels abroad.  The only channel to purchase is through Chinese e-commerce websites. 3. New Arrivals/ Fashion: If you want updating new arrivals/ fashion elegant clothing, popular music, star posters, etc. in Chinese mainland.