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Value-Added Services

Value-added services refer to those provided to meet the special needs of users in addition to the standard free purchasing services. You can choose as needed.


Currently, Greetbuy offers the following warehouse value-added services:


No. Item Instruction for use Fee
1 Strict Inspection

Strict inspection of goods is a service launched to meet users' higher quality requirements for goods. It is mainly aimed at the style, quantity, color, size, model of the goods, whether there are serious defects or missing main logo on the front/back of the goods, whether the goods are damaged, and whether the appearance is obvious (the circular diameter is 0.5cm, Other shape length 1cm) defects (stains, stains, scratches, threads, broken) to check and inspect.


The inspection rules for all sealed packaged goods and non-clothing/bags/shoes goods with sealing labels or sealing strips are not to unpack the goods, only to check whether the appearance is damaged, and to judge whether the goods are wrong according to the information of the outer package of the goods. All items will be screened for contraband.

CNY¥ 4 / Product
2 Hangtags Removal Cut off the product Hangtags. CNY¥ 1 / Product
3 Hanging Tag Put new Hangtags on the products. CNY¥ 1.5 / Product
4 Product Label Removal Cut the original label of the item, but this service may result in the item not eligible for return or exchange service. CNY¥ 1 / Product
5 Product Label Sewing Sew new labels for products. CNY¥ 4 / Product
6 Trim Thread Remove excess threads from clothing products. CNY¥ 1.5 / Product
7 Add OPP Bag OPP bag has the characteristics of light material, scratch resistance, wear resistance, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, can effectively reduce the commodity Risk of dampness in international transport. The whole category of goods can be used. CNY¥ 1 / Product
8 Moisture-Proof Bag Protect the parcel's outer packaging against getting wet during transport, so as to keep the items inside mould-free. Suitable for all product categories. CNY¥ 3 / Product
9 Vacuum Packaging Save storage space by significantly compressing the volume, and help you save volume based shipping fees. Preferred for items with light weight and large volume(down jackets, beddings, home textiles) CNY¥ 3 / Product
10 Reinforced Packaging Carry out special reinforcement protection for fragile products or valuables. CNY¥ 3 / Product
11 EPE Loose Filling Fill up the parcel with EPE boards to protect against damage during transportation. It mostly applies to small-sized electronics. CNY¥ 20 / Product
12 Wooden Case protect electronics with high value or extra weight, electric equipment and ceramic crafts against collision and damage during transport. Use together with EPE fillings for better protection. CNY¥ 180 / Product