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【Purchase Agent process】


The parcel forwarding service is separated into 2 steps. The product will be verified first and we suggest that you estimate the international shipping fee before shipping.


Step 1: Submit the product to be forwarded online for verification. After the product is verified, purchase and ship it to the Greetbuy warehouse.

Step 2: After the product is stocked in the warehouse, consolidate the products (if you have more than one product stored in the warehouse) into a single parcel, pay for the order, and ship the parcel.


【Service ranges】


1. Under normal circumstances, we will conduct contraband inspection after the arrival of purchase orders, and provide "standard inspection" service to check the style, quantity, color, size, model and other information of the goods.

2. If you need more comprehensive goods protection and inspection service, please select "Strict inspection" service when placing an order. "Strict inspection" refers to the verification and inspection of the style, quantity, color, size, model of the product, whether the main logo on the front/back of the product has serious defects or missing, whether the product is damaged, and whether the appearance is obvious (the circular diameter is 0.5cm, Other shape length 1cm) defects (stains, stains, scratches, threads, broken) to check and inspect.

3. If you have special needs such as compressed packaging, OPP bag change and tag removal, please using the value-added services.


Notice: The inspection rules for all sealed packaged goods and non-clothing/bags/shoes goods with sealing labels or sealing strips are not to unpack the goods, only to check whether the appearance is damaged, and to judge whether the goods are wrong according to the information of the outer package of the goods. All items will be screened for contraband.


【Transportation risk】


The logistics services is undertaken by third-party logistics providers. They are restricted by the customs policy and there might be logistics risks. You need to consider the risks as you will be responsible for them.


As a service platform, Greetbuy is partnered with numerous third-party logistics providers who ship the products we purchased to you. Greetbuy is not responsible for the confiscation, damage, loss, or delay of the products that occurred due to the policy of the customs or the uncontrollable risks associated with the international transportation. However, Greetbuy will warn you about the possible risks ahead of time. We will improve our logistics insurance services, since we want to help you assess possible risks and minimize possible losses.