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1. What is the [Standards Of Strict Inspection] service?

Detailed inspection is a service launched to meet users' requirements for higher quality of goods.


Strict inspection mainly aimed at the style, quantity, color, size, model of the goods, whether there are serious defects or missing main logo on the front/back of the goods, whether the goods are damaged, and whether the appearance is obvious (the circular diameter is 0.5cm, Other shape length 1cm) defects (stains, stains, scratches, threads, broken) to check and inspect.


2. What is the difference between Strict Inspection and Standard Inspection?

Standard inspection only performs a simple check on whether the goods are delivered correctly and whether there are serious damages and defects in the appearance of the goods, and does not check for other minor defects such as slight scratches and slight stains.


3. Strict inspection will provide more detailed inspection services on the basis of standard inspection:

1). Strict inspection on defects such as slight stains, scratches, fabric defects and breakage;

2). Check if the zippers are intact via trial use; check for quality problems in clothing linings and inner side of pockets;

3). Check if the length of two sleeves / two trouser legs is the same;

4). Check whether the accessories are complete;

5). And give user a notice when the shelf life of the product is less than 1 month.


The inspection rules for all sealed packaged goods and non-clothing/bags/shoes goods with sealing labels or sealing strips are not to unpack the goods, only to check whether the appearance is damaged, and to judge whether the goods are wrong according to the information of the outer package of the goods. All items will be screened for contraband.


The comparison between Strict Inspection and Standard Inspection services is as follows:









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