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| About Purchasing Agent > Purchasing Agent FAQ > AliExpress products can also be sent overseas. Should I just buy them from AliExpress?

AliExpress is just a platform for a single seller to send goods overseas, similar to 1688, while Greetbuy is a service provider.


The biggest differences between AliExpress and us are the following four points: product price, inspection service, combined delivery, and after-sales guarantee.


Since AliExpress sells directly overseas, the price of the product is much higher than that of the 1688, even though the quality of the product is the same. This will lead to higher purchasing costs for you.


Greetbuy provides customers with inspection service to reduce the problem of customer return or dissatisfaction.

It can also remove the outer packaging of different goods from multiple merchants, put them in storage, and package them together and send them overseas, saving a lot of parcel freight.

Finally, Greetbuy is responsible for products and logistics problems encountered by users and provides meticulous after-sales customer service, which AliExpress cannot provide.

In a word, unlike AliExpress, we are not just a platform to provide transactions between buyers and sellers, but a service and responsibility for buyers, and a friend that users can rely on.