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Purchasing Agent Order Status


Payment pending:

Purchase order has been generated, waiting for payment, you need to complete the payment within 72 hours.



The order has been paid successfully and waiting for greetbuy to verify.



The order has been assigned to the greetbuy buyer and ready to order from the seller.


Waiting for confirm:

During the ordering process, the buyer has information to confirm with you.



All products have been purchased and are waiting for shipment from the factory/seller.


Batch shipped:

The order are sent to international logistics in batches at the request of customers or due to incomplete arrival of goods.



The corresponding international parcel of the order has been sent.



Order completed.


After Sales:

The order enters the after-sales process.



The money from the order will be automatically refunded to your Greetbuy account if the user requests to cancel the order or due to the seller, prohibited goods, customs policy, etc.



Product Status



Waiting for the greetbuy buyer to purchase.



Products ordered successfully, waiting for factory/seller delivery.



The goods have been delivered to Greetbuy warehouse and signed for receipt, waiting for inspection.



Goods inspection, weighing, waiting for warehousing.


Waiting for confirm:

During the inspecting, the inspection team has information to confirm with you.



The goods have been returned and the money for the goods has been refunded to your Greetbuy account.



Greetbuy negotiated with the seller to exchange goods successfully and is in the process of exchanging goods.



The goods have been warehoused, and can be submitted and sent at any time within the free storage period of the goods.


Batch shipped:

The goods are sent to international logistics in batches at the request of customers or due to incomplete arrival of goods.



The corresponding international parcel of the goods has been sent.


Out of stock:

The product is out of stock.



User cancels purchase of this product.



Parcel Status


Payment pending:

Parcel submitted. You need to finish payment within 10 days.


Waiting for shipping:

Your goods are out of the warehouse and packed, waiting for pick-up by the international logistics carrier.



The international logistics carrier has taken delivery.


Order Return:

Your parcel is cancelled due to reasons including: Receiver’s information such as name, address, is wrong or not completed; the parcel contains items that are prohibited by the shipping method you have chosen, etc.


Domestic Return:

Your parcel is returned to our warehouse because it did not pass the security check of the Chinese customs.


Overseas return:

Your parcel is returned from abroad because of failure to pass customs inspection or other delivery problems.


Confirmed Receipt:

You have received the parcel.