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Purchase agent compensation promise
Business Scope Type   Compensation Standard Description
  Parcel Damage Damage or loss of shopping agent products at Greetbuy warehouse (before delivery) Compensation for the item cost or free return/exchange will be provided upon CCTV footage confirmation. Greetbuy will bear responsibility for items that are damaged or lost at Greetbuy warehouse. 
Parcel Return Chinese Domestic Return Free re-shipping or shipping fee refund  
Overseas Return If the reason for return is wrong destination or lost delivery information,the parcel will be re-shipped for free or the shipping fee will be refunded.

Overseas Return: the following situations are not within the compensation scope.

1、Failure to pass international security check(prohibited by customs for importing) 

2、Unfound recipient

3、Invalid delivery address 

4、Delivery failure (Due to user's problems)

Parcel Operation Delay Storage Process Time: within 24 hours If the parcel is not handled within the promised process time after arrival in our warehouse (Ordinary Parcel:not those of prohibited items or of unknown owner),compensation of 5 RMB/order will be provided. Time of receipt subject to Greetbuy record
Timeframe for Parcel Processing: Within 24 hours Shopping Agent and Parcel Forwarding Services: If Greetbuy fails to complete the in-warehouse processing within the promised time after the user submits the parcel,a compensation of 10 RMB/parcel will be provided. eMall business is not within the service scope.
Refund Delay Process Time for refund of surplus shipping fee: within 72 hours If refund is delayed,10 RMB shipping coupon will be given. (eMall business is not within the service scope)
Process Time for refund of surplus items charges: within 72 hours of entrance into the warehouse (if the item price is discounted)
Quality Inspection Inspect Items Quantity and Quality Inspection will be carried out for colour,quantity,size,etc. Please read Quality inspection scope of purchasing agent goods
Free Storage Free 180-day Storage The free storage is 180 days,which is calculated from the day the parcel "Entered Warehouse'.Parcels will be considered abandoned if no shipment order or feedback are provided after 180 days. Note: Items/Food expiry date is not guaranteed.