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Examples, Responsibilities and Disputes Solution for Defective Products/Products with Quality Issues:


Common Issues Cases Solution
Clothes with untrimmed thread heads, or unnoticeable stains

The shirt has a stain in an unobvious spot, as shown below:


After receiving your request,  the shopping agent will negotiate with the seller for return/exchange, but the final result is subject to the seller’s decision.
Slight color deviations between the product photo and actual photo

Images provided by Greetbuy are intended for quality control use. Color deviations in a product may be a result of differences in the lighting, angle, equipment, or screen resolution. Please see the examples below:


Discounted damaged goods

This is usually indicated in the product descriptions, as seen below:


Slight adjustments in logos or tags for different product batches

Products of different batches may have slight adjustments made in their logos, as shown below: