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The shipping suggestions are based on our experience in standard transportation and we are not responsible for any parcels that are confiscated by the customs. Due to the customs restrictions, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and restricted products will not be accepted for shipping. Following the air transportation rules, non-dangerous goods identification is needed for food, liquid, powder, and gel products. We suggest that you do not ship these types of products in quantity. If there is a small number of sensitive products, you can ship them with normal products like clothes and shoes. For example, if there are bottled cosmetic products in your parcel, we can try to ship the parcel for you when the volume of a single bottled cosmetic product is equal to or below 100ml and the total volume for the parcel is no more than 200ml. 


Please click the link below to view the detailed shipping restrictions. If you have any question, please contact our online customer service team. Thank you!


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