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Scope of Inspection for Purchasing Agent Service


1. After the products arrive at Greetbuy, the professional quality inspectors will check their appearance, such as color, large area of damage, stain, size, model, version number, etc. (e.g. for apparel, the remark left or the final modification shall prevail; the inspection is based on the size displayed on the label and tag, and issues such as color deviation and wrong sizes will not be checked);

2. As electronics and digital products are deemed special products, the quality inspectors will only check their appearance and if any accessory is missing. These products will not be powered on to check for quality problems;

3. After receiving the product, you can apply for after-sale service in case of any problems caused by inspection.



1. Greetbuy does not inspect the color difference, size error, product performance, the model of the mobile phone case (film), glasses degree, the lining of the clothes, the appearance of the commodity box and the letter printing quality or missing.

2. Greetbuy does not inspect the quality, models, and accessories of professional products, such as electronics, digital products, and the related peripherals or accessories.

3. Ss electronics and digital products are deemed special products, quality inspectors will only check their appearance, without powering them on for inspection;

4. Greetbuy does not unpack sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels of clothes, suitcases, bags, and shoes. Greetbuy only inspects whether the appearance is intact and whether the delivered products are as described by the outer package information.

5. Products without obvious damage, stains and other major problems will be regarded as qualified products.

6. If we find that the product is not suitable for shipping, we will leave a message on the relevant order reminding you to negotiate a return.


Greetbuy is not responsible for compensation in the follow situations:

1. Damage caused in situations out of our control (this does not apply to insured parcels).

2. Items that do not follow shipment or restricted shipment regulations and are confiscated by authorities or processed according to the law.

3. Parcels that, at the moment of being sent, are perfectly packaged, without any traces of having been opened or tampered with, weigh the same as they started with, and with all contained parts present and undamaged.

4. The recipient has already signed and accepted the parcel following the legal procedures.

5. Parcels that are missing in part or delayed due to errors committed by the client or problems with the product itself.

6. The client has not inquired about the product nor requested any compensation from the date of submission to the end of the inquiry period.

7. International parcels that have been detained, confiscated or destroyed according to the laws of the recipient country.



Forbidden items


Items that cannot be shipped through mail:

1. Items forbidden to be circulated or shipped according to the national law.

2. Explosive, flammable, erosive, radioactive or toxic hazardous items.

3. Publications, books, sources or items containing reactionary content or obscenity.

4. Currencies of all kinds.

5. Items that violate public health.

6. Items that rot easily.

7. Live animals (not counting bees, silkworms and leeches, as long as the packaging ensures the safety of the workers).

8. Items that are not adequately packaged and may cause hazards to the workers, or contaminate or damage other packages.

9. Other items unsuitable for shipment though mail.


Items that are forbidden from being sent according to postal practices:

1. Items with qualities or packaging that may harm the postal workers or contaminate/damage other packages or postal equipment.

2. Items with metal seals or other sharp edges that may get in the way of postal processing.

3. All types of firearms, ammunition, explosive, flammable, erosive, and radioactive items or vessels, strong poison, anesthetics, biochemical products and infectious items.

4. All kinds of publications, propaganda, or printed items that may endanger the security and stability of the society or contain obscenity.

5. All kinds of items that may endanger public health.

6. Documents or items that are not accepted or allowed to be circulated in the recipient country.

7. Besides the above general regulations, please also follow all related regulations set by the customs.