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1. Select the suitable box and seal it.


2. Pack all the items into the box in a particular order, and add extra bobble sheet on top (see attached photo).

1) Ordinary Items


2) Food


3) Fragile Items


4) Irregular shape items, extra filling adding, cutting paper boxes to reduce volume


3. Seal and reinforce the packaging. Stick the shipping label on it.


4. Stick fragile note to the fragile parcels.


Customized Logo Service


This service is one of our customized services. Customers can create it's exclusive logo stickers based on it's needs and deliver them to our warehouse. Customers would need to provide the physical stickers to us and our member of staffs will stick the logo tag to the relevant package. Any risks or fees that occurred by the logo, such as delivery, customs clearance, infringement, or other legal risks, will be responsible by the customers.