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Dear users,


Thank you for choosing Greetbuy. In order to provide you with logistics services, we have introduced a variety of third-party logistics providers. Before you use the logistics services available on Greetbuy, please carefully read this Service Agreement. If you have any questions about this Service Agreement or any prompts displayed on the page, we suggest that you not proceed with the next step and contact the online customer service at any time for consultation and clarification;


1. The logistics providers may adjust the shipping rates and delivery times from time to time according to the costs and market conditions, and Greetbuy will truthfully notify you of any changes in advance;


2. The delay, damage, loss, tax, confiscation and other uncertainties related to the logistics provider's services are beyond our control, and we will not bear all liabilities arising therefrom. However, we will do our best to remind you to think twice about risks before purchase, assist you in solving problems with the logistics provider, and compensate you according to the after-sale policy provided by the logistics provider. At the same time, Greetbuy will further upgrade and optimize services such as SuperCare Plus and Worry-Free Purchase to reduce the risks related to parcel delivery, e.g. delay, damage, loss, etc.;


3. For fast and smooth customs clearance, we suggest that you accurately declare the parcel value. We will declare the parcel according to the value you’ve entered, and for the purpose of compliance-based fast customs clearance, fill in the product name, quantity, unit price and other information for you according to the product information you submit. You can go to the parcel details page to modify the declared product name and quantity (you need to do it before the parcel is packaged). Heavier or more valued parcels are more likely to be taxed by the customs. The declared value you’ve entered will be used as the value basis for you to claim compensation from the logistics provider in case of any losses. If you need better protection, we suggest that you purchase the service SuperCare Plus;


4. When you place an order and send a parcel or you are the recipient of the parcel, Greetbuy will collect your information as follows: name, address, contact info of the sender and the recipient as well as product info, which will be used for submitting orders, generating logistics waybills, parcel pick-up, warehousing, transportation, export & import clearance, and parcel delivery. According to the relevant customs requirements of the destination country, we will also collect your ID Card information for the sole purpose of identity verification and import & export declaration;


If you provide an inaccurate or wrong address, on the premise of not violating the mandatory requirements of relevant laws and regulations on personal information storage, we may use your previous waybill information to complete and correct such address, so as to avoid repeatedly confirming the address with the recipient / sender to ensure the parcel will be delivered safely and efficiently.


5. Disclaimer: Greetbuy will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to: the administrative authority acts with actual or obvious power, the acts or omissions of any person not hired or contracted by Greetbuy (e.g. sender, recipient, customs personnel, government department personnel or third parties), safety regulations implemented by government departments or other safety regulations applicable to the place of delivery, and Force Majeure including riots, strikes, labor disputes, civil riots, viruses or diseases, failures or interruptions of communication and information systems, any interference in aviation or road traffic networks (e.g. astronomical phenomena, industrial actions, electronic audio-visual pictures, electromagnetic damage or deletion of data or records) and natural disasters, including but not limited to earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, etc.;


6. Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.


You shall undertake that: The products to which you entrust Greetbuy to provide services and value-added services shall meet the export requirements of the country of origin and the import requirements of the country of destination. If there are any problems during the customs clearance due to the products themselves or false declaration, you shall bear the relevant losses. In the case that Greetbuy suffers losses therefrom, you will compensate us.


I have carefully read and fully understood the relevant contents of this Service Agreement, and agree to follow the terms and conditions stated above.