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1、About 1688


As a leading Chinese e-commerce platform serving SME companies, 1688 provides tens of millions of buyers and suppliers around the world with business opportunity information and convenient and secure online transactions. 1688 platform is rich in commodities, with a large number of hot new products, affordable goods, high-quality sources and merchants, to provide buyers with a variety of wholesale purchasing choices. It is the first choice for personal purchasing or enterprise purchasing.


2、1688 Purchasing Agent Precautions


1). Check the wholesale minimum quantity order and available services of the supplier before purchase.

2). Choose sellers granted with “TrustPass”, so that you can be better protected in terms of product quality and return/exchange service.

3). Research and compare before finding the best supplier.

4). Remember to settle the rules of return and exchange with your seller and clarify things like who would pay for shipment.


3、1688 Instructions of purchasing agent service


1). Price

Price and shipment fee of 1688 products may change according to the purchase amount. You can enter your actual purchase amount and alter price and shipment fee to adjust the total.


2). Wholesale Minimum Order Requirement

Wholesale thresholds apply to 1688 products. If you intend to purchase a product, you need to meet the minimum requirement. If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, Greetbuy will judge your order to be invalid and you will need to place a new order.


3). Quality Inspection & After-sales