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What is the estimated weight?  


The estimated weight is the total weight according to which we calculate the shipment fee when you submit your order. When your product enters our warehouse, we will weigh it with its original packing. The weight of the entry record together with the weight of the carton we are going to pack your product with add up to the estimated weight. However, if you choose to remove the original packing when you submit your shipment order, the actual weight of your parcel will differ from the estimated one.


What is the real weight? 


We will weigh the parcel after you submit the delivery order and carry out second weighting on the encapsulation of your items weight and packaging weight, which is the real weight. You can click on the details of the package to check the real weight after sending the parcel within 3 working days. 


If the real weight is lighter than estimated weight, the balance of the package will be returned to your personal cash account after sending the parcel within 3 working days.


Real case  


Packaging weight is 2573 grams


No packaging weight is 2340 grams


Remove the packaging is about 233 grams  


In the case above, the estimated weight was 2537 grams and the actual weight was 2340 grams (packaging removed), so the weight difference is 233 grams. For EMS, Preferential Line, and DHL, the first weight of a parcel is 500 grams. If 1 unit of after weight is 233 grams, you will be refunded based on the unit after weight. However, if the weight difference is lower than 233 grams (1 unit of after weight), you will not be refunded.


What is the volumetric weight?


Volumetric weight is one of the methods to calculate the weight of light bulb in transportation industry. Volumetric weight is to use conversion formula to get the weight of the items. 



The formula for calculating the volumetric weight = Length cm * width cm * height cm/5000



The formula for calculating the volumetric weight = length cm * width cm * height cm/6000  


EMS, Air packet, SAL:

Generally speaking, volume weight is not calculated, if the items are too large, logistics are also likely to calculate volumetric weight based on the actual situation.  


kindly reminder: International  freight will be based on the billing weight (the greater of actual weight and volume weight) of the parcel. if the billing weight exceeds the estimated weight buy more than 1 added weight units (including 1 added weight unit). an order of supplementary payment will be generated by the system.