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We help customers worldwide purchase Chinese products safely, quickly, and without worry.
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Order the products online and pay for your order.

Buy & Quality Check

We purchase goods for you, quality inspection, pack, weigh, and store them in storage.

Parcel Shipment

We ship your parcels for you after you pay the international shipping fee.

What We Offer For You

We provide complete purchasing services such as product purchase, quality inspection, packaging, and shipping to simplify your buying work in China.
Buy For Me

Greetbuy has a convenient online ordering system. You only need to place an order on our website, and we will purchase the products from the Chinese e-commerce platform on your behalf.

Product Sourcing

We help you find products/factories, get competitive prices, and provide complete import processes such as quality control, customized packaging, free warehouse storage, and shipping.

Quality Inspection

When your goods arrive at our warehouse, we will inspect your products for free to ensure you receive satisfactory products.

Amazon FBA

We can help you ship items to your Amazon FBA warehouse and ensure inspection, packaging, and labeling meet FBA standards.

Free Storage

You can wait until all products arrive at our warehouse before shipping them together. We offer free storage for your products for up to 180 days.

Ship For Me

We have a wide range of international logistics routes, providing door-to-door transportation services to more than 200 countries, including sea, air, and rail.

Your Trusted Partner In China

Our product purchasing services have served over 10 thousand overseas users and more than 3,000 importers and Amazon FBA/Shopify sellers.
0 service fee; The price is open and transparent, and no difference is earn.
10% Cheaper for the Combination Products
10 years of Taobao Agent, 1688 Agent, and product sourcing Agent experience
2~3 Times More Efficient from Sourcing to Delivery
80% reduction in risks, failures or problems
Serving more than 200 countries and regions

Our Main Business

Whether you want to buy products from Chinese e-commerce platforms such as or or find Chinese suppliers/factories to produce goods, Greetbuy can provide complete product purchasing solutions for you.

Taobao Agent Service

Greetbuy buys products from Taobao on your behalf and ships them to you.
Taobao Agent Service

1688 Agent Service

Greetbuy purchases products from on your behalf and ships them to you.
1688 Agent Service

Product Sourcing Service

We provide one-stop product sourcing services, from finding Chinese suppliers/products to delivery.
Product Sourcing Service
Lower Cost

Combine items from different sellers into one parcel

Help buying online & offline products in China

Expert Services

10 years of buying experience

One-to-one expert service

Quick response

Free Storage

With 180 days of free storage, you can wait until all items arrive at our warehouse before submitting them for shipping.

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Multiple logistics options

100% after-sales support