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01:Greetbuy will purchase products for you from selected third-party platforms, but Greetbuy will not take responsibility for the risks that come with the products.

Greetbuy will only provide you with the shopping agent service for selected third-party platforms and Greetbuy is not responsible for the possible risks and legal consequences like quality issues and copyright infringement. To protect your benefits, Greetbuy will inspect the product multiple times, communicate with you, and provide after-sales assistance during the procedure.
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This product has been removed from the sale, or the data has failed to be obtained.

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If the message "This product has been removed from sale!" is still displayed after refreshing, please contact Greetbuy customer service.

Purchasing agent products

All the Purchasing agent products displayed on Greetbuy platform are not products sold on Greetbuy website. They are products from third-party shopping platforms. Therefore, in case of infringement of relevant commodities, the relevant merchants of the third-party shopping platform shall bear all the liabilities. Greetbuy shall not bear any legal liabilities, nor any associated or joint liabilities.

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Product price fluctuations

This product is a purchasing agent product provided by a third party service provider in China, and the price is transparent. If the price fluctuates due to the change of the price of the third-party service provider or the failure of Greetbuy to obtain the latest price in time, please do not worry. The final price of the product will be based on the price of the third party, and we will refund the overpayment to your account.

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