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| Shipping Instructions > Customs And Taxes > What are the customs risks associated with the purchase agent services?

1. Risk Related


For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products, the system will notify the potential risks when the order is submitted and verified. After the product is shipped to our warehouse, we will suggest a shipping method with low risk based on the nature of the product and our experience.


Friendly Reminder: Some products are inevitably subject to certain customs risks such as rejection, taxation, and confiscation. Please understand you will be responsible for such risks.


2. Customs Declaration


For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products, we will declare the value in a reasonable way based on the Reference of tariff threshold of the destination country and our logistics experience. You can also leave a note and declare the value by yourself when submitting the parcel.


Friendly Reminder: The chance of a parcel being taxed is influenced by the frequency of customs exams and customs policy. Please refer to Tax Threshold of Different Countries. Please understand that you will be responsible for customs related risks (return, confiscation, taxation).


Also, the chance of your parcel being inspected by the customs will increase if your product is too heavy or valuable. We suggest that you do not put too many same products in one parcel and keep your parcel at a reasonable weight.