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1. How to earn points


1). New users will earn 1000 points for their first registration


2). Log in to obtain points

Every time you log in to Greetbuy, you will earn 100 points.


3). Get points when you spend

For each order you place, you will receive points equal to the amount of the product you ordered.

For example, if the order amount is $2000, you use points to deduct $100. If you actually pay $1900, you will get 1900 points.


4). Submit waybills to get points

You can receive a point equal to the delivery cost of the package by confirming receipt at Greetbuy upon receipt of the package.

For example: package shipping cost $300, you use points to deduct $15, the actual payment of $285, you will get 285 points.


2. How to use Points


1). Points Deduct The Order Fee

a. You can use Points deduct the order fee when you place the purchase agent order.

b. Members can use points to deduct a maximum of 5% order fee per order.

1000 Points = $1


2). Shipping Fee Deduction By Points

a. The number of points used must be integral multiples of 1000 (e.g. 1000, 2000, 3000 …).

b. Members can use points to deduct a maximum of 5% shipment fee per order.

1000 Points = $1


3. Application range of Points

1). Points can be used in purchasing orders/international freight.

2.) Points deduction is not supported when domestic/international freight is needed.


4. Limitations on the use of Points

1). Integral payment shall not exceed 5% of the actual settlement amount of each order. Integral multiple of 100 can be used, such as 100, 200, 300, etc.

2). The actual deducted order cost does not include the order handling fee and value-added service fee.

3). The actual freight deducted does not include the customs declaration fee and value-added service fee.

Example: The actual settlement amount is $300, 5% is $15, then the maximum amount can be paid by 15,000 points; If you have less than 100 points, you cannot pay with points on the settlement page or at the checkout counter.


5. Validity period of Points

The points always works.


Greetbuy will issue massive points from time to time, please pay attention.