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Greetbuy commits to eliminate any of your worries during international online shopping. In order to ensure your items can be received smoothly, we will have corresponding processing standards to deal with the items arrived. E-commerce platform, such as Taobao, may has illegal commercial phenomenon, please be aware about shopping on it. Following special circumstances will be seen as you have agreed and prepared the subsequent operations. If you have any questions when submit orders, please contact customer service.


1. Sensitive products

Contained essential oil, care solution, lubricants, batteries, glue and other sensitive items, in order to guarantee your delivery, we will take them out for you.


2. The customs policy

Items contained imitation brand, a large volume of liquid or powders, electrical products, etc. may be restricted by the customs policy, where there are certain risks to send them. If the consequences are caused by the above risks, Greetbuy is not  responsible for customs clearance and related legal responsibility.


3. Can't be professionally inspected.

If you buy electric equipment, brand & limitation brand items, tickets, cards, etc., we cannot inspect the items professionally (i.e. quality, authenticity, completeness, etc.). Inspector can only check whether the items' appearance is in sound condition or accessories complete, but can't turn on the equipment to check the quality.


4. Fragile items

Contained ceramics & glass products, irregular shape items (wipers, automatic damper, etc.), items during delivery may cause abrasion, broken, please be cautious to purchase. We guarantee that the completeness of the items before delivery, but if such items are damaged during delivery, and logistics have categorized them as fragile, you need to bear the resulting loss caused by above situation.


5. Customized products

If you submit orders as customized items, we suggest you to negotiate with the seller directly so that your requirements would be meet. After the successful negotiations, you need to provide us the number, information, or signs of Wangwang chatting with the seller. We cannot do professional inspection for these items, so you need to bear the resulting loss caused by above situation.


6. Deposit order

Due to the regulation of Taobao sellers, deposit order cannot be cancelled once order has been placed, and meanwhile you have to follow up the seller’s issued information and clear the outstanding balance. Then after that, the items could be delivered. If the outstanding balance cannot be clearing within the certain time, the deposit will not be returned.


7. Sellers with poor credit

We suggest you to choose the well-reputed store which has more than three hearts and have paid for Taobao guarantee. If the seller credit is low, and there is no guarantee paid, there might be bothersome situations, such as false delivery, not delivery, no after-sale service and no rights protection. You need to bear the resulting loss caused by above risks.


If your orders have the risks mentioned above, we will acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions, please be sure to read them carefully. Interpretation right is reserved by Greetbuy.